Game Information Silverball Premium

Silverball Premium

Silverball Premium Experience the thrill of a classic game of all times with the ball of SIlverball electrifying Premium. Select your cartons and get more chances to win with 12 different patterns and a large jackpot.
Silverball Premium

How to play Silverball Premium

- Adjust the balls speed whit buttons "PLUS" and "MINUS".
- For normal speed press "PLAY" or "TURBO" for faster play.
- The game will randomly select 33 balls.
- In case of missing a ball so there is a prize from 40 credits, the player will be allowed to purchase extra balls.
- The jackpot will be paid only if by plays from bet value 3 and completing the entire card until the 30th ball.
- The maximum prize per cards is 1500 credits multiplied by bet value.
- Prizes that overlaps entirely other ones will not be added.
- The extra balls increases your chance of winning, be sure to buy at least the first.

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Silverball Premium
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