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It is our responsibility and obligation to protect our customer’s privacy, and any information that you give us will be used only to ensure our services.

Unless we have the User's prior approval to disclose his personal information, no information given at the time of registration, deposit or withdrawal, will be provided to third parties for any other use other than those inherent in the operation and will be stored in our files as safely as possible. do not share, rent, sell or lend your database to any other company, institution or association, except business partners who signed a contractual obligation to follow the Companies Policy. If there is any change of an unlikely event that this policy of sharing information, team undertakes to notify in advance, so the User can give us his explicit refusal.

We take technically all the security measures recommended by the industry and we are compromised to invest in advanced data protection for the User’s safety. All data exposed to our systems are encrypted and stored in locations of exclusive access. This shows you that none of your personal information propagates through the network without being encrypted (encoded) using the best algorithms available.

Regards, Team

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