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Fishmania Fishing your prize in FishMania is not much different than doing a good fishing in a river or even in the sea.
Dive into this sea of ​​fun and fish for incredible prizes. Play with up to 4 cards and enjoy the 15 winning possibilities. Enter this adventure and participate in a fantastic bonus to access many extra prizes.
Have fun at the bottom of the ocean and win lots of prizes!

How to play Fishmania

To start a round press the PLAY button. To play automatically until reaching EXTRA BALL mode, press the AUTO button. To cancel AUTO mode, press AUTO button or PLAY button again. Initially 30 balls will be drawn.

Extra Balls

When offered, you will be able to purchase up to 10 extra balls. To buy an EXTRA BALL at the price indicated on the screen, press the EXTRA button. Press and hold the EXTRA button to buy EXTRA BALLS automatically. To cancel EXTRA BALL mode, press the EXIT button.

To win the JACKPOT you must complete Bingo on the 30 ball or earlier.
The minimum bet to opt for the JACKPOT varies depending on the value of each selected credit.

Z ball
During the game in EXTRA BALL, a Z BALL may appear randomly. It allows you to manually select any number among the open cards. In case you do not select any number, the one that automatically grants the highest direct prize will be chosen.


When doing Perimeter or Bingo, you are entitled to the Bonus phase, where you will play to get new winnings.

Malfunction voids prize rolls.

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